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2014 Olso-to-Berlin group arrives in Halmstad, Sweden

Had to scour the user profiles for info, as no-one appears to have uploaded any info on their own.   Found John/Warekiwi’s RideWithGPS user account, and notice that he arrived in Halmstad today.  Hopefully the rest of the group arrived in a similar fashion.

Tomorrow:  Copenhagen, where I join the tour Wednesday morning. My RideWithGPS routes can be seen here: http://ridewithgps.com/users/327707 and Warekiwi’s RideWithGPS account:  http://ridewithgps.com/users/79776

2014 Oslo-to-Berlin tour has started!

And… they’re off! 15-16 velomobiles riders starting in Oslo, Norway and arriving in Berlin, Germany (via Sweden and Denmark) on August 1. I (Jimm) hope to be joining them when they arrive in Copenhagen on Tuesday July 29, and continuing southward Wednesday morning.  We’ll try to keep news about the tour posted in the “Tour News” section of the Oslo-to-Berlin forum.  Good luck and good tour to all the riders!

GBSR enters day 7!

Day 7 brings the tour to Stockholm this evening.  From the GBSR website:  “This day is spent in Stockholm, visiting the city and meeting with local cyclists. We will also meet with the folks at the Council of Baltic Sea States, patrons of our ride.”

To clear up some confusion about booking a position in a tour

Once you have successfully registered for the website, and activated your account, you can book your entry for a tour in several ways:

  • Use the list of up coming events on the right side of the page, below the calendar, to choose the event you want to join.  When at that page, you should see a ‘booking form’ at the bottom of the page.
  • Or select “Events”, then “Short” or “Long” Tours, then the tour you are interested in.  So, for example, if I wanted to join the EuroTour, I would click through:  Events->Long Tours->EuroTour 2014: Oslo to Berlin.

Once you have made a booking, an administrator will be notified and can then approve/reject your booking.  You will receive a email confirming your booking, regardless of status.

Tour updates!

The GBSR tour is up to 21 participants, with 18 confirmed.  EuroTour2014:OtB is up to 25 riders.  This looks to be a good year for velomobile touring!

Josef Janning over at the GBSR website notes that due to all the nonsense going on involving Russia, his tour route has changed to avoid the Kaliningrad enclave..  If you are riding that tour, make sure to be up-to-date on the changes:  http://www.gbsr2014.eu/schedule.html

Forum discussions related to the EuroTour are starting to show some life regarding the route, camping, food, and places to see.  Don’t forget to look through the forum for any changes, and don’t be afraid to post your ideas, opinions, and concerns!  http://velomobile-eurotours.org/forums/eurotours/eurotour2014-oslo-to-berlin/

Great Baltic Sea Ride gains momentum!

GBSR 2014, the Great Baltic Sea Ride, will happen over three weeks in July, 2014. Nine countries, rich history, a diverse cultural heritage, and beautiful landscapes make this tour a unique experience to all participants.

Currently the tour has 17 riders registered.  Looks like they will have a good group for the tour.  Check them out at http://www.gbsr2014.eu/