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2016 SPEZI Tour planning

Carl Georg Rasmussen writes: “We will soon announce an Euro Tour 2016 to take place in April. It will (for us Scandinavians) be a 2 week tour to Germersheim. For Germans, Dutch, French it can be done in less time. From Denmark I already have 4 people on the list of participants: An Italian (David), a German (Marco) and Kuba and myself. More (Germans) will join on the route. Let us discuss the track. It could include a visit to Toxy in Twist (near Hamburg) and a visit to Germany’s biggest glider school near Bielefeld . An experienced Leitra-owner, Tobias Enke, works there as instructor and aircraft mechanic.”

I’ve set up our forum to be ready for discussion.  *Click here to access the Forum*

Jimm’s solo tour: Copenhagen, DK -> Arnhem, NL

Thanks to Carl Georg Rasmussen of Leitra, Jimm’s Nomad Wildcat is ready for it’s next tour from Copenhagen, Denmark -> Arnhem, Netherlands (about 700 km), starting Monday, August 3. Follow Jimm as he tries to avoid falling into a canal this time on his blog at http://recumbent-adventure.blogspot.dk or track his location via http://www.gpsies.com/liveTracking.do?username=digitalmouse


French Velomobile group preparing for Velo-City ride to Nantes

If you wish to join in the discussion, join their preparations, or at least keep up with their organizing, check out the French Velomobile group efforts for the Velo City Nantes tour (with parade through city after arrival) at http://velorizontal.bbfr.net/t19725-rassemblement-de-velomobiles-a-nantes-debut-juin-2015-velo-city

Looking for Velomobile riders for “Cycle Velo City 2015” (Nantes, France)

Heike Bunte, from HPV Deutschland e.V., wants to let everyone know about preparations to organize a velomobile ride from Angers, France to Nantes, France to attend the Velo City 2015 conference held there.

Heike writes: “Even if 1500 delegates have a lot of cycling expertise and knowledge it’s clear from last Velo City in Vienna where HPV Germany and Future Bike CH already presented the topic “Velomobiles” that the issue “recumbents” have scant attention within this conference. It’s important that we make future related vehicles more common. Therefore we need attention (i.e. media) which we would have during a world biggest conference. Hence a Velomobile tour to Nantes is a unique possibility.”

If you wish to support or join the tour, free registration is available here under Event: 2015 Velo City tour, and the forum for discussion of the route and related details can be found under Forum: Velo City 2015 tour.

SPEZI 2015 – Gemersheim-to-Copenhagen tour forum open!

A quick announcement to begin planning/discussion related to those interested in joining me on tour for a ride from the SPEZI show at the end of April 2015, down the Rhein, and back towards Copenhagen.  Visit the forum!

Carl Georg Rasmussen’s Report on EuroTour2014

(Google Translation below)

Årets EURO Tour for velomobiler blev en god oplevelse – i strålende sol. Det gode vejr lokkede mig til at køre uden kåbe på Leitra’en på det første stykke gennem Norge og Sverige. Resultatet var, at jeg blev rødskoldet som en kogt krebs og måtte skifte ham. Solcreme kunne nok have gjort gavn, og det var der andre (Halfdan m.f.), der var fornuftige nok til at bruge masser af. Da vi nåede København, satte holdet kurs mod Ganløse for at overnatte og få udført reparationer hos Velomobilcenter DK. Jeg tog til Herlev og skiftede min Leitra ud med en 20 år gammel model med fuld kåbe. Tidlig næste morgen gik det mod Gedser og færgen til Rostock. I regn fik jeg den første og eneste regulære punktering på turen, naturligvis en flintesten, der var trængt gennem Schwalbe Durano. For andre deltagere blev punkteringer en ren plage, så alvorlig, at nogle opgav og vendte hjem, eller sprang på toget eller i en bil fra Rostock for at nå til Berlin sammen med os andre. Jeg fulgtes med Marco Gercke, der kørte en Cabrio-Leitra, fra Rostock til målet: Brandenburger Tor . Jeg havde mit hyr med at holde hans tempo, men han er også 27 år yngre og i topform.

Berlin er blevet en del mere cykelvenlig, siden jeg var der sidst, og den gamle lufthavn midt i byen, Tempelhof, er blevet frirum for forskellige sportsgrene, alt fra boldspil til rulleskøjter, cykelløb, drageflyvning m.m. Jeg overværede EM i cykelpolo.

Hjemturen gik over Polen og Sverige (Swinoujscie – Ystad). Strækningen fra Berlin og op til Østersøen er noget af en drøm for velomobilister. Vej 109 er i fin stand, der er kun få og små bakker, og biltrafikken er moderat til ringe, i hvert fald på en alm. onsdag. Altså mulighed for fuld speed hele vejen. De andre turdeltagere fortsatte fra Berlin i forskellige retninger. Per Kristensen klarede hjemturen på kun 2 dage i Strada. Englænderen John Highet er en af de virkelig seje. Han var også med i Euro Tour 2013. Den 65 årige pensionerede pilot havde først taget turen i sin Quest fra England over Holland-Tyskland-Danmark til Oslo, og fra Berlin ville han fortsætte til Frankrig for at overvære HPV-VM .


This year’s Euro Tour for velomobiler was a good experience – in brilliant sunshine. The good weather enticed me to run without the Leitra fairing on the first piece through Norway and Sweden. The result was that I was red-skinned as a boiled crayfish and had to change. Sunscreen could probably have done good, and there were other (Halfdan mf), who were sensible enough to spend lots of. When we reached Copenhagen, the team set sail for Ganløse to stay overnight and get repairs done at Velomobilcenter DK. I went to Herlev and changed my Leitra out with a 20 year old model with full fairing. Early next morning we started for Gedser and the ferry to Rostock. In the rain I had my first and only puncture on the trip, of course, a flint, which had penetrated through the Schwalbe Durano. For other participants were punctures a mere nuisance, or so severe that some gave up and returned home, and jumped on the train or in a car from Rostock to reach Berlin with us. I went with Marco Gercke, who ran a Cabrio Leitra, from Rostock to target: the Brandenburg Gate. I had my job keeping his pace, but he is also 27 years younger and in top condition.

Berlin has become a lot more bike friendly, since I was there last, and the old airport in the city, Tempelhof, has space for different sports, everything from ball games to roller skating, cycling, kite flying, etc. I watched the European Championships in bicycle polo.

The trip home went over Poland and Sweden (Swinoujscie – Ystad). The stretch from Berlin and the Baltic Sea is something of a dream for velomobilister. Road 109 is in good condition, there are only a few small hills, and car traffic is moderate to low, at least on a normal Wednesday. So allow full speed all the way. The other tour participants continued from Berlin in different directions. Per Kristensen did the trip home in just 2 days in Strada. The Englishman John Highet is one of those really cool. He was also part of the Euro Tour 2013. The 65-year-old retired pilot had first made the journey in his quest from Great Britain, Holland-Germany-Denmark to Oslo and from Berlin he would go to France to attend HPV World Cup.

2014 Olso-to-Berlin group arrives in Halmstad, Sweden

Had to scour the user profiles for info, as no-one appears to have uploaded any info on their own.   Found John/Warekiwi’s RideWithGPS user account, and notice that he arrived in Halmstad today.  Hopefully the rest of the group arrived in a similar fashion.

Tomorrow:  Copenhagen, where I join the tour Wednesday morning. My RideWithGPS routes can be seen here: http://ridewithgps.com/users/327707 and Warekiwi’s RideWithGPS account:  http://ridewithgps.com/users/79776

2014 Oslo-to-Berlin tour has started!

And… they’re off! 15-16 velomobiles riders starting in Oslo, Norway and arriving in Berlin, Germany (via Sweden and Denmark) on August 1. I (Jimm) hope to be joining them when they arrive in Copenhagen on Tuesday July 29, and continuing southward Wednesday morning.  We’ll try to keep news about the tour posted in the “Tour News” section of the Oslo-to-Berlin forum.  Good luck and good tour to all the riders!

GBSR enters day 7!

Day 7 brings the tour to Stockholm this evening.  From the GBSR website:  “This day is spent in Stockholm, visiting the city and meeting with local cyclists. We will also meet with the folks at the Council of Baltic Sea States, patrons of our ride.”

Velomobile Tour Updates! Oslo-to-Berlin: 20 riders; Great Baltic Sea Ride: 18 riders

The Olso-to-Berlin tour is holding steady at 20 riders, and The Great Baltic Sea Ride is down to 18 riders.  Both tours have suffered some cancellations due to injury or family priorities.  We hope all the affected riders will be able to join us in future tours!