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When not teaching website development at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA), Jimm operates a small cycle touring start-up called Recumbent Adventure!. Jimm also volunteers at the Bicycle Innovation Lab's Bicycle Library and the new Copenhagen Bicycles bike rental shop in Nyhavn (Copenhagen). On his off days he drives a custom-built 4-wheel cycle taxi in the city center.

SPEZI 2018 planning forum available

Carl Georg Rasmussen writes: “Perhaps it is time again to organize a velomobile long distance tour to Germersheim -for the SPEZI 2018 show end of April . Let us discuss the route and time table on this site. I will start from Copenhagen around April 18th and arrive in Germersheim for the Friday velomobile meeting on 27th. Other velomobilists may […]

2016 SPEZI Tour planning

Carl Georg Rasmussen writes: “We will soon announce an Euro Tour 2016 to take place in April. It will (for us Scandinavians) be a 2 week tour to Germersheim. For Germans, Dutch, French it can be done in less time. From Denmark I already have 4 people on the list of participants: An Italian (David), a German (Marco) and Kuba […]

Jimm’s solo tour: Copenhagen, DK -> Arnhem, NL

Thanks to Carl Georg Rasmussen of Leitra, Jimm’s Nomad Wildcat is ready for it’s next tour from Copenhagen, Denmark -> Arnhem, Netherlands (about 700 km), starting Monday, August 3. Follow Jimm as he tries to avoid falling into a canal this time on his blog at or track his location via

French Velomobile group preparing for Velo-City ride to Nantes

If you wish to join in the discussion, join their preparations, or at least keep up with their organizing, check out the French Velomobile group efforts for the Velo City Nantes tour (with parade through city after arrival) at

Looking for Velomobile riders for “Cycle Velo City 2015” (Nantes, France)

Heike Bunte, from HPV Deutschland e.V., wants to let everyone know about preparations to organize a velomobile ride from Angers, France to Nantes, France to attend the Velo City 2015 conference held there. Heike writes: “Even if 1500 delegates have a lot of cycling expertise and knowledge it’s clear from last Velo City in Vienna where HPV Germany and Future […]

SPEZI 2015 – Gemersheim-to-Copenhagen tour forum open!

A quick announcement to begin planning/discussion related to those interested in joining me on tour for a ride from the SPEZI show at the end of April 2015, down the Rhein, and back towards Copenhagen.  Visit the forum!

Carl Georg Rasmussen’s Report on EuroTour2014

(Google Translation below) Årets EURO Tour for velomobiler blev en god oplevelse – i strålende sol. Det gode vejr lokkede mig til at køre uden kåbe på Leitra’en på det første stykke gennem Norge og Sverige. Resultatet var, at jeg blev rødskoldet som en kogt krebs og måtte skifte ham. Solcreme kunne nok have gjort gavn, og det var der […]

2014 Olso-to-Berlin group arrives in Halmstad, Sweden

Had to scour the user profiles for info, as no-one appears to have uploaded any info on their own.   Found John/Warekiwi’s RideWithGPS user account, and notice that he arrived in Halmstad today.  Hopefully the rest of the group arrived in a similar fashion. Tomorrow:  Copenhagen, where I join the tour Wednesday morning. My RideWithGPS routes can be seen here: and Warekiwi’s […]

2014 Oslo-to-Berlin tour has started!

And… they’re off! 15-16 velomobiles riders starting in Oslo, Norway and arriving in Berlin, Germany (via Sweden and Denmark) on August 1. I (Jimm) hope to be joining them when they arrive in Copenhagen on Tuesday July 29, and continuing southward Wednesday morning.  We’ll try to keep news about the tour posted in the “Tour News” section of the Oslo-to-Berlin […]

GBSR enters day 7!

Day 7 brings the tour to Stockholm this evening.  From the GBSR website:  “This day is spent in Stockholm, visiting the city and meeting with local cyclists. We will also meet with the folks at the Council of Baltic Sea States, patrons of our ride.”

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