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SPEZI 2018 planning forum available

Carl Georg Rasmussen writes: “Perhaps it is time again to organize a velomobile long distance tour to Germersheim -for the SPEZI 2018 show end of April . Let us discuss the route and time table on this site. I will start from Copenhagen around April 18th and arrive in Germersheim for the Friday velomobile meeting on 27th. Other velomobilists may […]

2016 SPEZI Tour planning

Carl Georg Rasmussen writes: “We will soon announce an Euro Tour 2016 to take place in April. It will (for us Scandinavians) be a 2 week tour to Germersheim. For Germans, Dutch, French it can be done in less time. From Denmark I already have 4 people on the list of participants: An Italian (David), a German (Marco) and Kuba […]

To clear up some confusion about booking a position in a tour

Once you have successfully registered for the website, and activated your account, you can book your entry for a tour in several ways: Use the list of up coming events on the right side of the page, below the calendar, to choose the event you want to join.  When at that page, you should see a ‘booking form’ at the bottom […]


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