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    Although summer seems to be far away, both in time and weather , it can fly away and suddenly start of the Oslo -Berlin tour is just around the corner .

    From experience from Euro Tour, which was a great trip , there was however a bit of confusion about what ( would happen ) and where we would meet during the day .
    We only had one problem with a campground that was closed for renovations , it was resolved by that we took in a hostel which was close to where we were.

    Although it is a ” self-sustaining ” and ” takes care of yourself ” tour , I have a small request to the organizers :

    Make sure we have all the information in here before we leave , it may be the route meeting places on daily rides , as the route through Norway and Sweden do not go where there are campsites on the string , it is important to contact them before and possibly have alternatives. It is not everyone who can run 50 km extra if a campground is closed or the like
    I am aware that there may be changes along the way, so I suggest also that every morning at the same time being held a “morning meeting” where all participants are present and “daily schedule” are reviewed.
    Looking forward to a great trip and I look forward to meeting you all
    /Søren “Velostrada”



    Good points, Søren. I would not mind at least some updates to the route and campsite threads, especially the later to know if all sites along the way are prepared to accept us! And prices would not be a bad idea either to help us know how big our budget should be.

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