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    Hello to all,
    I wonder how we are going to arrange the food. Are we going to eat in a restaurant everyday, or do we cook for ourselves in front of the tent? Or just a combination of the two? If we cook for ourselves we need to go shopping and drive around with extra weight. But eating in a restaurant is more expensive of course. How did you do that last year?

    Regards, Edwin.



    The Euro Tour 2013, we ate at a restaurant or similar. There were also some who made their own food. It’s up to you what you prefer. It is impossible to make cooking in together as a large group without that there would be support (transportation) with.

    Since it can be expensive to eat out in Norway, it may with advantage be something yourself. Usually there are supermarkets, close to the campsites. At the camp sites, it also usually in the Nordic countries there is a possibility to cook (stove, oven, etc). So it is perhaps worth considering having a small field set (pot, plate etc), it weighs not much.

    It’s a bit expensive to holiday in the North than in southern Europe, in food terms and as mentioned, Norway is the most expensive. But if I look over Euro tour in 2013, it was probably only Norwegians who saw it as cheap.
    As a Dane, I thought that the countries we visited were not specialt cheap compared to what you use on a bike tour




    Hi, last year food was really no problem. For my part, I always ride with an “emergency provisions” for one day (muesli and a little can baked beans). At that tour, it was not really necessary, but assuasive for my mind.



    At the moment Iยดm planning to take some (dryed) food and a litle cooking-stove (see picture) with me, just for the case. As far as I could see, there are little shops at the campgrounds, so that breakfast (i.e. rolls, marmelade, even some coffee?) should not be a problem. And as soon as we are in Denmark there will hopefully some shops in the towns by the way.




    Thanks for the answers.
    @ Velostrada, if there is a possibility, i think i prefer to eat in restaurants. They cook much better than i do ๐Ÿ™‚
    @ Thomas, i used to do the same, for one or two days i will have “Adventurefood” (it’s a brand) with me. Only add boiling water, wait for 8 minutes, and you can eat. I have done that before, and i’m still alive ๐Ÿ™‚
    @ Alex, my cooking-stove is a bit bigger, but it does the same. But since i already have it, i will bring it. (i only hope that my packinglist isn’t going to be too long)

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