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Here is the focus of discussion for the 2016 SPEZI Tour, starting in Copenhagen.  

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    Discussion for planned route starts here!

    • my ride: 2011 Steintrike Nomad Sport with Leitra Wildcat velomobile fairing.
    • my other ride: 2004 Anthrotech Trike converted to a 4-wheeled cycletaxi


    Will there be a velomobile EURO tour 2016 ?
    The answer is yes !
    We are planning a route from Copenhagen – Hamburg -Bremen -Minden -Bielefeld – Köln -Frankfurt – Germersheim. For the return to Scandinavia, we suggest a more easterly route through Frankfurt – Fulda – Kassel – Hannover – Lüneburg – Lübeck. If you want to join from the start, or at any point on the route, you are very welcome to comment and suggest changes. It is still an open plan with possibilities for interesting stops and visits on the way.
    C G



    Let me be more specific about the proposed EURO Tour route:
    April 15 Copenhagen – Grossenbrote 220 km
    April 16 Grossenbrote – Grückstadt 175 km
    April 17 Glückstadt – Verden 150 km
    April 18 Verden – Oerlinghausen 150 km camping at airfield
    April 19 Oerlinghausen – Bocum 140 km
    April 20 Bocum – Andernach 160 km
    April 21 Andernach – Rüsselsheim 150 km camping by Jürgen Eick
    April 22 Rüsselsheim – Germersheim 110 km
    April 23 SPEZI



    Hello everybody!

    I’m David, from Italy. I am new in this tour and, more in general, in the velomobile world..

    Carl Georg invited me to join the Eurotour and I want to share with you my enthusiasm for taking part in this wonderful experience!

    The plan looks great, I’m very looking forward to start!

    Thank You adventure mates,

    Thank You, Carl Georg!




    Siggi Schiermann, Leitra-owner living in Dortmund, invites us to camp in his garden. This will make the lap Oerlinghausen -Dortmund 20 km shorter, and
    Dortmund – Andernach 20 km longer. Nice challenge for young tough guys like us !
    C G


    A Happy New Year to all from Bielefeld.
    As you will pass my front door and backyard on your trip from Verden to Oerlinghausen and I am thinking about a pilgrim’s trip to Rome it looks like me coming along with you the leg from Bielefeld to Germersheim. Maybe David has some hints to get my Velomobile across the Alps and the Appenin without crossing too many passes.
    Looking forward to the trip



    Welcome to Peter von EW
    Great to see you joining the group.
    I am sure, we will have fun catching up the youngsters.
    I guess you are about 6o (I am well over 80).
    Oerlinghausen will be an exciting place to camp
    – and all those wonderful gliders and airplanes.
    I have been flying gliders and small airplanes about
    35 years of my life, sometimes as test pilot for
    Aka Flieg in Germany.
    Tobias is today flight instructor and a skilled mechanic
    at Oerlinghausen airfield.
    He is still riding his old Leitra velomobile to work.
    C G



    Welcome Peter!

    It’s a pleasure for me having the chance of improving your trip to Rome!
    Well, I am not that expertise but I suggest you to head to Innsbruck, and to Bolzano and Trento afterwards. Then, go to Riva del Garda and cruise along the beatiful east coast of the Lake Garda! Verona is close, you could have look of the city of Romeo and Giuliet if you want. Next step is the Riviera Romagnola (a short visit of Venezia is a valuable option), now on the sea coast! You will pass then the Appenini in the easiest zone, heading to Foligno, Spoleto, Terni, Rieti and, finally, Rome!

    We can further discuss about your trip in Germensheim but in the meantime I hope to have provided some tips for your great pilgrim!



    Marco Gercke

    Hello everybody,
    I will join CG on the way from Großenbrode to Glückstadt (16.4.). I think in Bad Bramstedt, near Wrist, home of Toxy Recumbents, will be a good meeting point. A reasonable meeting time will be at 12:00 to 13:00.


    Marco Gercke

    Hello again,
    for the way to Germersheim I would prupose a Camping site near Langwedel/Verden, Drosselburg near the river Weser. I hope it will be open all seasons. I stopped there last year on my way to the Spezi. From there you get an easy way along the Weser, passing Verden,Nienburg and Minden. In Porta Westphalica I followed the course of the Weser, but we have to head for Bad Oeyenhausen towards Bielefeld.
    For the way back I would like to go a course passing Frankfurt, Hanau and then crossing the Vogelsberg by taking the Vulkan-Radweg, leading to Schlitz. From there I had a trip along the river Fulda, but in 2015 the other way round.


    Marco Gercke

    Hi again,
    as nobody replies i would like to continue . From Oerlinghausen/Bielefeld there would be a nice track along the Römer-Lippe-Route. Starting in Detmold, Paderborn and then westward to Lippstadt and Hamm. We could decide then to take a more southern track via Dortmund, Bochum towards Duisburg, or follow the Lippe towards Wesel and there either crossing the Rhine or heading south on ist eastern side. Along the Römer-Lippe-Route we could take Country roads (Landstrassen) or the traced cycle lanes.Its a nice touristic area and i think we don´tmeet for racing.
    From Wesel it will be a day´s ride along the Rhine for Bad Breisig, near Andernach, with nice Camping.
    See you

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