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    Thor Østergaard

    Well… I will tell a bit about myself.

    I’m 47 years old, live in Allerød north of Copenhagen. I’m educated physicist from Copenhagen University. I’m working as IT-consultant from my own company (without employees). My area is Office and web-development.

    I have been a velonout since November 2007 where I bought a Leiba Classic. April this year I sold my Leiba and purchased a very nice green Orca with e-assist (I had also assist on the Leiba). I use my bike for commuting and have around 2.500 km in the Orca so far. (http://www.fam-ostergaard.dk/Thor/Orca.aspx)

    I am the lucky owner of a food allergy – I’m allergic to all milk and soya products. Because of that, I can only eat food I have made myself or with reliable declarations. I will therefore bring a stove on the ride and plan to cook my own food on the way. So it is not to be selfish or ungrateful, that I don´t share my food or say no thanks to yours – it is simply just a necessity.

    My wife and son will be at an orchestra master class while we are riding and I think about leaving the ride in Vordingborg and go to Jutland to join them.

    Looking forward to the ride and meet your all.



    I will continue:
    My age is 47 years old, I live in the northernmost area of Denmark. I am a former teacher, now a full-time velonaut. My current velomobile is a Strada that I have 32,000 km on the odometer since November 2012. I also owned a Leitra 2010-2012, which I managed to cycle 35,000 kilometers in before it was hit by a car.

    My passion is cycling long trips/rides in  my velomobile, however I stop this tour in Gothenburg. Although I love to cycle in velomobile, I love my wife more, and would like to be home for our 20 year wedding anniversary

    See more at http://www.velostrada.dk




    and next,



    I’m 55 years of age and living in Holland in a small place 40 km east of Amsterdan en 10 km north of AMersfoort. I ride recumberbikes sinds 2007 since Isearch fot a faster bike transportation. After that I bought my first Velomobile in 2009. Now I’m addicted to ride the bike to my work. in Ede a place 40 km from the place I live. There in the metal forming company I’m a Operations Manager. Om 18th july I started the tour and ride with John to Poul, Soren and Lunde. in about 20 days I think I will manage about 3100 km. I’m really looking forward to it. I hope I wil see you all



    Hello, so I will be next:
    I am 51 ys. old, live in the Rhineland in Germany and I ride a WAW. So far my experience in velomobile riding is only 4.000 km “long”, but I am hoping to catch up with the other riders.
    CU soon, Christoph.



    47 years old, used to run my own website development business in Germany, but now teach Web Development at KEA (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology). I also drive a custom-built 4-wheel cycle taxi in Copenhagen when not at school. Been riding recumbents of various shapes, sizes, and wheel counts since 2000.

    Look forward to meeting you all in either Göteborg or Copenhagen!

    my cycle taxi - an asian rickshaw rearend with Anthrotech recumbent trike frontend.

    My Steintrike Nomad Sport with Leitra Wildcat fairing

    • my ride: 2011 Steintrike Nomad Sport with Leitra Wildcat velomobile fairing.
    • my other ride: 2004 Anthrotech Trike converted to a 4-wheeled cycletaxi


    Hello, my name is Thomas. I live in Cologne and I’m 58 years old. Since I’ve been five, I like riding bicycles in my everyday life. In the last years, the velomobile came into my life, too. First I drove a Leitra. With it, I took part of the Eurotour 2013. It was a great experience. Unfortunately I couldn’d end the tour because of a mechanical break. At December 2013, I got an Orca. I wonder, what will happen now.
    I’ll drive through the Netherlands and northern Germany to the Kiel-Oslo ferry. See you, Thomas


    Hi, I am Peter from Eastwestfalia. My place is near Bethel. I am still 58 years old, but will arrive at the ferry at the age of 59. I changed from Leitra to Orca as Thomas. Looking forward to meeting you all in Oslo. I shall try a better performance than last year. If you want to see a picture, look above the events calender. I am the second from left, with my Leitra, which we shall see again in Rostock with the new owner …



    Hello fellow riders. My name is Carl Georg Rasmussen, 79 old and Leitra-rider since 1980.
    My first long distance tours: Oslo-Trondheim-Oslo in 1984, Paris-Brest-Paris in 1987, Cross Iowa 2004 and many tours in Europe, winter and summer,including the Euro Tour 2013.
    I find it an attractive challenge to be self supporting when touring, and to be able to ride all year independent of weather in a velomobile. Have had no car the last 33 years.
    C G

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