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    Post your snippets of experience, news, reports, or links to videos/photos of the tour here. I’ll select them for posting as Twitter or Facebook posts, as time permits.

    • my ride: 2011 Steintrike Nomad Sport with Leitra Wildcat velomobile fairing.
    • my other ride: 2004 Anthrotech Trike converted to a 4-wheeled cycletaxi


    Hello Fellow riders

    Only half of us came through to our goal: Brandenburger Tor in Berlin.
    Several had severe problems with punctures.
    Tell me: What kind of tires have you been using.
    I had only one real puncture, caused by a sharp flint stone, on the way to Gedser (in rain)
    My tires were Schwalbe Durano, and they were already used about 2000 km at the start.
    As you will remember, I was riding an unfaired Leitra Oslo – Copenhagen. It had Schwalbe Maraton +
    In Copenhagen I switched to a fully faired Leitra (rain bow colors) with Durano tires.
    I was surprised, how well the tires did the whole tour, in my case first Oslo -Berlin,
    and then the return tour via Poland and Sweden.
    Photos ? Yes I took a series of fotos, but unfortunately I am not able to upload them (yet)
    My camera got wet the last camping-night in Sweden in a strong rain shower and tunder storm,
    and now it is dead. I have sent the camera to Canon Germany for repair and cross my fingers.
    Carl Georg



    Thanks for a great trip, velonaut friends, see you next year.

    Thanks to for the good arrangement, and to help Peter (Big Daddy), so he ended his days in Norway and became “Big Foot”

    Per, thanks for the nice and good routes!

    Thanks to CG Rasmussen to take the initiative for a second Euro Tour, and Jimm to make this site

    From my 8 days: and a playlist on youtube:

    Best regards



    It is sad that only about 1/4 of the registered riders made it all the way to Berlin, but very glad the tour happened and that some riders were able to make the whole tour. I’ve started a “Tour Gallery” – you should see the menu for it at the top of the website – and it looks like all subscribers to this site should have access to upload their photos. Please do so, and note and tag them where possible. I can later organize them into separate albums (if you want), or chronologically, or various other means.

    I also encourage you to post links to your blogs here, so that we can share the tour experiences across various social media via this website and various tour/velomobile Facebook page(s).

    If you do not have a blog, but would like one, I can offer two options: a) you are welcome to use the “Community Activity” link above to post your adventures and experiences. They are automatically aggregated by your username, essentially creating a blog or newsfeed of your posts and forum entries. We can then provide links to various users in a “Blog-like” menu. b) there is an integrated blog feature (currently disabled), where each user gets their own “space” within to use as a dedicated blog, again I can provide a link that you can share, something like (for example) where people can come to read your blog entries.

    Regardless of how you do it, I encourage you all to post your adventures and photos *someplace* so that we can share them far and wide, showing people that velomobiles work great as the ‘next generation’ of human powered transportation for short *and* long rides.

    • my ride: 2011 Steintrike Nomad Sport with Leitra Wildcat velomobile fairing.
    • my other ride: 2004 Anthrotech Trike converted to a 4-wheeled cycletaxi


    Let’s just stick to the facts, there are people who might come along and read this forum, They could interpret it as that the Euro Tour 2014 was a failure

    The Euro Tour 2014 was like in 2013 a tour where we could join some of the way, You decide how far you want to ride with and where to “jump” on or off.

    The concept was and is that it is self-supported, no support car, no reservations, no depots, no entry fee, no obligations other than to represent velomobilers and velonauts in the best way and behave in a proper manner to the public.

    There was a participant who drove cycled all the way from England and Holland to start in Oslo, and back home from Berlin. Others drove from their respective home to Oslo, some all the way to Berlin. They also cycled all the way back home

    There were others who, like me, had no opportunity (time) to cycle the last part to Berlin

    So when you look at it from that angle, it was a great success.

    In 2013 there were only three who cycled all the way from start to finish, so the 2014 version is a more than 100% improvement:-)




    For punctures, it always comes as a surprise to foreigners that they could puncture so much in Denmark. It was here that the tires were flat.

    They do not believe it, they run the lots of kilometers in their own country without a single puncture. Therefore, they come with thin and fast tires, and then when it rains in Denmark, we have the “lovely” flint lying in wait, and turns as the drops fall, and the sharp tip is ready to “attack” the unaware happy cyclist.

    My choice is and remains the Marathon Plus tires, as long as the trips go through Denmark.




    Let’s just stick to the facts, there are people who might come along and read this forum, They could interpret it as that the Euro Tour 2014 was a failure…

    That was certainly never my intention with my post. I was only saying how unfortunate, due to individual plans (many riders planned not to do the whole tour), injury (many riders cancelled before the start of the tour due to physical problems – I count myself out due to muscle injury after starting in the Copenhagen->Rostock stage), and a myriad of other issues, that not everyone could complete the tour from start to finish.

    The fact that any number of riders could ride the tour – in whole or in part, persevere through their own problems, and still enjoy the ride, the scenery, and the evening meal with fellow riders, makes the tour a definite success from my perspective.

    I look forward to the next tour with any or all of you! (hint: There is a Copenhagen-to-SPEZI tour (via Dusseldorf and the Rhein river) in planning for the last week of April 2015.)

    • my ride: 2011 Steintrike Nomad Sport with Leitra Wildcat velomobile fairing.
    • my other ride: 2004 Anthrotech Trike converted to a 4-wheeled cycletaxi

    John Highet

    I arrived back in my hometown (Ware) in the UK last Thursday afternoon having completed the entire Oslo-Berlin plus travel to and from the beginning and end. A total of 4205 km in 28 days of riding plus only two rest days.(about 150km/riding day ) My Quest XS now needs a bit of maintenance but nothing serious and , most amazingly, I didn’t have a single puncture! (Marathon Plus Front and Durano Plus rear) I decided to return a slightly longer way via Bruges and Calais to Dover and then around the edges of London to my home. This proved NOT to be a very good route as there was a lot of poor roads and heavy traffic. At the UK end there were a lot of hills and the ferry crossing of the Thames was only just possible (about 25mm each side of the boarding ramp !) I believe that the Eurotour 2014 was a great success. I have made may great friends and our philosophy of demonstrating the possibility of covering such a great distance with very little support has again been proved. Bring on 2015!
    (The picture shows the ferry ramp!)



    “Tell me: What kind of tires have you been using.”

    Hello Carl Georg,
    al the way I had no puncture in my E-Orca. I used Marathon+ in the back and Marathon Kojak plus “Proline Anti-Platt” in the front.
    I drove this combination also in the Leitra and had never big problems with punctures.
    Best regards, Thomas

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