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Do I have to register to view forum content or events?

  • The forum and event calendar system is open publically for reading.  You must register with the website to be able to post to the forums or create events.

How do I register for an event?

  • Make sure you are first registered with the website and logged in.  If the event creator is using this feature at Velomobile Eurotours, you should see a simple “Bookings” form on the event’s page, below the schedule and description.  Fill out the number of spaces (meaning the number of riders you are representing.  99.9% of the time this is just one person.  If you are bringing your spouse or child and they do not want to register seperately, then change this numer accordingly), add a comment if you wish (“I don’t eat fish”, “I will join the tour two days later”, etc.), and click “send your booking”.  Your booking will be stored in the system and you will get an email announcing the result of your booking when that event’s coordinator checks your booking (hopefully as soon as possible), confirming or denying it.

I have questions or problems outside the scope of this FAQ.  Help!

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