Looking for Velomobile riders for “Cycle Velo City 2015” (Nantes, France)

Heike Bunte, from HPV Deutschland e.V., wants to let everyone know about preparations to organize a velomobile ride from Angers, France to Nantes, France to attend the Velo City 2015 conference held there.

Heike writes: “Even if 1500 delegates have a lot of cycling expertise and knowledge it’s clear from last Velo City in Vienna where HPV Germany and Future Bike CH already presented the topic “Velomobiles” that the issue “recumbents” have scant attention within this conference. It’s important that we make future related vehicles more common. Therefore we need attention (i.e. media) which we would have during a world biggest conference. Hence a Velomobile tour to Nantes is a unique possibility.”

If you wish to support or join the tour, free registration is available here under Event: 2015 Velo City tour, and the forum for discussion of the route and related details can be found under Forum: Velo City 2015 tour.

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